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Attending to my Toes

When I posted lame at wine o’clock last Friday, I neglected to mention where I had been earlier that afternoon.  As it involves a shout-out to a local business, I feel free to mention it today.  I got a spa pedicure at Hot Spot Salon and Spa in Herkimer, NY.

My toes had needed attention for some time.  At last I made the appointment: 3:45 Friday afternoon. I work till three.  I could make this.  Friday, local readers may remember, was a very warm day.  My place of employment is not air-conditioned, at least not the rooms I work in.  Not to put too fine a point on it: I stunk.  This is where my army experience helps me, because I know how to take a three minute shower.  I made it to my appointment on time and smelling fine.

Claire, my usual stylist, took me in right away and soon my feet were soaking.  I asked for the water to be made a little cooler than it was, because I had been so warm all day.  Ooh, it felt nice.

While Claire worked on my feet, we chatted with each other and with the stylist and customer at the next pedicure chair.  I learned that it  is important to always dry between your toes.  I told Claire about my latest theatrical endeavors.  She asked me to let her know if we did another murder mystery.  She would definitely like to attend.  I chose a bright blue for my toes.  I had previously had a dark color, purple in some lights, green in others.  I like to make a contrast.

As I sit here typing this, I can look down at my toes and feel pleased.  Oh how I love to have pretty toenails during sandal season!

Hot Spot Salon and Spa is located at 121 E. Albany St., Herkimer, phone number 315-866-9113.  Their website is  You can also Like them on Facebook.



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  1. My friend asked me to get my toenails done with her. 🙂 I have never done this, considered it a luxury! I am 60 years old and guess it may be a good idea. Thanks for sharing your experience! 🙂

    • I was in my 40s before I finally got a pedicure. I think it’s a great idea. For one reason, I am almost incapable of clipping my toenails without giving myself an ingrown one. Yuck!


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