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Love Those Poodle Skirts

Instead of Wuss-out Wednesday, how about I give a shout-out to an area restaurant of note.  It’s just a little outside my usual stomping ground:  The Soda Fountain in Remsen, NY.

Our stop was part of Cheryl’s, Penny’s and my day of adventuring last Saturday.  I was, as usual, hungry.  Also, since we planned to go to Prospect Falls Winery, I wanted to eat.  Even little tastes of wine on an empty stomach might do me dirt.

I had wanted to seek out The Soda Fountain for a while now; their commercials are so much fun.  I love ’50s diners.  This is a good one.  The decor is fun, and the waitresses wear poodle skirts with crinolines (at least, I think they wore crinolines; I naturally did not look under any skirts).   We were seated in a booth and looked over the menu.

I ordered for a grilled chicken sandwich and I am damned if I can remember what Cheryl and Penny got.  How embarrassing is that?  I guess this is Wuss-out  Wednesday after all.  Sorry folks.  However, I will say we all enjoyed our meal very much.  The service was prompt and friendly, and the price was reasonable.

While we were waiting at the counter to pay, we looked at a display case of some ’50s memorabilia for sale.  I did like the cat-eye sunglasses.  There was also a metal box with match box cars and some die-cast models of classic cars.  I do enjoy classic cars.

I’m afraid this blog post is way less fun than the restaurant it’s about.  Sorry about that, but as usual I will try again tomorrow.

The Soda Fountain Restaurant is located at 9698 Main St., Remsen, NY, phone number (315) 831-8400.  Their website is  You can also Like them on Facebook.


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