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It is that time of day on a Saturday when I have to publish some post, any post, so I can get on with my weekend.  I am sitting on my front porch, laptop on lap, sipping coffee and enjoying the warm temperature.  I have invited members of my cast (remember that play which it seems I will never stop talking about?) over for a cook-out.  It was a bribe for helping with putting away costumes and props.  Also, I like to have people over to my house.

I’m actually not going to cook out, because it was supposed to storm.  No far it’s not, although it is quite cloudy.  However, I did not purchase any charcoal or lighter fluid, so rain or not, stove top it is.  The house was beautifully clean, thanks to my dear husband.  Unfortunately, that was a whole day ago.  I really need to have people over the precise moment when it is clean.  You blink and you miss it.

I have had a dreadful headache all day.  It is either due to some white wine I rather inadvisedly drank last night (isn’t that how you spell “inadvisedly”?  My computer thinks not) or to the weather.  The spring pollens are in full force (no, I’m sure that is how you spell pollen) (oh, the computer just doesn’t like me to pluralize it. Dumb computer), and I’m sure the barometric pressure is high.  I like to ascribe my headaches to barometric pressure.  I find it fun to say.  Try it.

So I guess this is my Lame Saturday Post.  I don’t even remember what I said yesterday, the nominal Lame day for this blog, but I’m sure it, too was lame. Well, I hope somebody found some entertainment in my words.  And I hope to see you all tomorrow, on Wrist to Forehead Sunday.



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