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Post-Leading Ladies Lame

I have found that it takes at least a week to recover from a major theatre endeavor, at least for me.  I’m old, remember?  But I will say, I am quite delighted to have a Friday when I do not have to hurry to the theatre for either a rehearsal or a performance.  Full disclosure:  I did hurry out to a wine tasting at a liquor store then to a restaurant for dinner and the grocery store.  Now  I am sitting in my living room sipping wine and composing at the keyboard.

The wine tasting was at Valley Wine and Liquor in Herkimer, NY, with the Adirondack Winery of Lake George, NY.  I have gone to several wine tastings there as well as a couple at Vintage Spirits in Hekimer and Ilion Wine and Liquor, none of which I have written about.  That is very remiss of me, especially as some of the people from the wineries have remembered me and are certainly deserving of a post.

Be all that as it may, all I want to do now is type in something vaguely acceptable and get back to enjoying my Friday.  Did I mention we went out to dinner?  We went to Jamo’s in Herkimer and had two carafes of Pinot Grigio.  Yum!  Dinner was yummy, too, so there is another blog post I ought to make.

Regarding Leading Ladies (that play at Ilion Little Theatre, remember?), I have to return to the theatre tomorrow to help take down the set and put away costumes and props.  It would behoove me not to drink too much wine tonight.  I shall take that under advisement.  Happy Friday, everyone.



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