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Just Not Writing a Lot

My Leading Ladies Limbo persists.  Who knew you couldn’t leap right from one major undertaking into several projects left hanging?  Oh, I know, you probably never left a project hanging in your life (you know who you are) (and I think you’re kidding yourself).

So here I sit, trying to finally write my blog post while on a break at work rather than later composing it on the computer, and all I can do is wonder if I don’t have a cryptogram puzzle or two lurking somewhere (I foresightedly took my puzzle book home to remove the temptation) (my computer does not think “foresightedly” is a word, but I think it is or should be).

At an earlier break today, I worked on The Banana Play (working title).  It seems to be going fairly well, at least in these early stages. One can rarely predict with accuracy how these things will progress.

You know, I’m pretty sure I DO have an unsolved cryptogram puzzle somewhere in this notebook.

It turns out I did.  The above paragraphs are what I wrote earlier in my spiral notebook.  Now I am at my Mom and Dad’s house, because it is Mom’s birthday.  Happy Birthday, Mom!!!  I’m sitting at the kitchen table typing on Mom’s laptop, and I would really rather be visiting with my family.   So I guess this is my Wuss-out Wednesday post.  In my defense, I am writing.  I’m just not writing a lot.  As usual, I will go for a better blog post tomorrow.  Happy Wednesday, everyone.


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