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Looking for Lame in All the Wrong Places

I thought of that title while I was at work today and, unfortunately, it is about all I have thought of so far.

It is the oddest thing.  I start thinking about writing and think I am really ready to get back into it. Yes, sir and ma’am, I am going to sit myself down and write.  Just watch me go.  Here I go.  Right now.  Writing.  Me.  I’m writing.  Now.

Oh, I KNOW, if you wait till you “feel” like writing, you will never write.  And the longer you stay away from it, the more frightening it becomes to pick up that pen. You can feel the words NOT coming out.  The image of that blank page is so heinous you cannot bear the thought of seeing the real thing.  It’ll suck!  You’ll feel awful!  And that insidious little voice in your head assures you, “Tomorrow will be a much better time to start.”

It’s all bullshit, of course.  Sooner or later, you have to just sit down and write, or else you’ll never write again.  For some people, I suppose that would not be a bad thing (yes, I see you pointing at me!) (you know who you are).  I will eventually do just that.  Sometimes I get myself to it by saying, “Oh, just try.”  And whoever just said, “Do or do not.  There is no try”  can just shut up.

You know, I completely forgot where I was going with this post.  What I am wondering now is (and I may use this as a title sometime): Does this count as writing?  I’m not entirely sure that it does.  No matter.  It is Lame Post Friday.  If you were looking for lame, dear reader, this is not one of the wrong places.  My new plan (which I came up with just this minute) is to begin writing again today or tomorrow.  The reason for this is, I caught myself thinking, “After the show…” (Surely you remember that I directed Leading Ladies at Ilion Little Theatre) (and I’ll call you Shirley if I feel like it).  The show will be over Sunday.

NO!!! You cannot wait for ideal conditions!  They will never come and if by some miracle, they do occur, you will not be able to write!  Everybody knows that!

Oh dear.  This blog post is really dumb and does not fit the rather clever (or do I flatter myself?) title.   But perhaps somebody found it amusing.  Happy Friday, everybody.



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