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Leading Ladies Limbo

I was going to call this post “Life after Leading Ladies,”  but I’m not quite there yet.  We still have three more performances, plus a pick-up rehearsal before and a cast party after.  So the show is not over, yet my job is largely done.  It is distinctly odd to be sitting here not thinking about the thousand and one things I am supposed to be doing or making sure get done.  Oh, I know, not 1,001 actual tasks.  But at least 846.  Theatre people understand.

I have big plans for my post-show life.  I am going to clean and organize this house.  I am going to write at least two plays, a novel, several magazine articles and, yes, some non-lame log posts.  I may entertain.  I mean by giving parties, not be being on stage.  Audition for a play?  Surely you jest! (And I’ll call you Shirley if I feel like it).

But I can’t do any of that right now.  I couldn’t even begin a blog post when I was on break at work today.  I was compulsively doing cryptogram puzzles.  And while I was working, my mind would not bend around anything worthwhile.  It kept singing me re-runs from the TV show Galavant.  I loved that show, and I’m afraid it is not coming back.

One must transition into ambition, is what I’m thinking now.  Hey, that almost rhymes.  Maybe one of the plays I’m going to write ought to be a musical.




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