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I Also Plan to go Wine Tasting

Let’s have a Non-Sequitur Thursday post.  I am feeling even more flustered than usual tonight.  It’s Final Dress!!!  And I took a little, small, short, teeny tiny, itty bitty nap after work today, so I have even less time than previously.

I have a couple more directorial chores left to do, but will I get them done?  Will I be on time for rehearsal?  Will my cast be pacing the theatre parking lot cursing my name as I drive in, taking the corner on two wheels, tires squealing, Steven in the passenger seat holding on for dear life?  You know, I have not been writing fiction in some time now.  I miss it.

Yesterday’s rehearsal when very well. Now we’re talking about the cast party, and the cook-out I am offering to throw the day we strike the set.

Oh dear, this is dreadful.  I cannot think of a thing new to say about Leading Ladies.  This is what I get for going All Leading Ladies All The Time so early.  Well, regular readers may be pleased to know that after this show, I intend to concentrate on my writing.  There is a Banana play I was supposed to write a year ago, a novel I’ve been working on even longer, another play that is almost finished if only I can find it, and a whole BUNCH of Mohawk Valley stuff I could be writing blog posts about.

In the meantime, I have to finish up my last minute chores.  Just as soon as I think up a good Non-Sequiturish title for today’s post.  Happy Thursday, everyone.


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