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Pre-Dress Panic Attack

Do you suppose anybody is getting tired of All Leading Ladies All The Time?  Do you suppose I care?  Well, of course I do.  One writes a blog for one’s readers as well as one’s self (oneself?).  One hates to be boring.  This one, at any rate.

As I have often observed, I can only write what comes out of my pen, and I am naturally obsessed with Leading Ladies these days.  We open Friday, and writing that down almost induced a panic attack.  Deep breath.  Didn’t help.

The phrase just entered my head, “This is MY show.” Only kind of, sort of.  Some people in the Ilion Little Theatre Club may refer to it as “Cindy’s show,” but in fact, it is really OUR show, meaning me, the cast and the crew.  In fact, let me take just a minute to give another shout-out to the cast and crew.  They are AWESOME!  And I don’t just say it because some of them might read this blog (or do I flatter myself?).

I will soon be hurrying to the theatre to do some last minute set things before our First Dress Rehearsal.  The actors have been wearing costumes here and there already, but tonight is a real Dress:  all costumes, all costume and set changes, curtains opening and closing, and no calling for lines. Yikes! My cast and crew are up to it!  They’re going to be great!

I guess this has not been a super exciting blog post and for that I am sorry.  I hope it is all right for a Monday Mental Meanderings.  Perhaps I can do better on Tired Tuesday.  At least I can report on how our First Dress goes.  For those readers who are not tired of All Leading Ladies All The Time.


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  1. Break a leg and you have had plenty of practices and last minute jitters are normal. . . Hugs, Robin


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