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Oh, Yeah, And I Have a Bad Attitude

I just erased everything I typed in, and it was not on purpose.  It was not a very good blog post, but at least I was typing something in and not immediately backspacing back over it.  In fact, I had just typed in something along the lines of, “Now that I am typing in words and not backspacing them out,” and I was going to continue to say everything would be all right when suddenly the entire post vanished.  I have no idea what I hit.  I looked in vain for “Edit: undo.”

Did I mention this was Bad Attituesday?

I began this post feeling quite flustered.  In fact, my first attempt began with the statement that I was flustered.  I backspaced over that and tried again.  I am trying hard not to backspace over this and try again.  How many do-overs does a blogger get?  I’m thinking, a lot.

Now the insidious little voice in my head begins to say things like, “If it’s that stressful, perhaps you shouldn’t do it.”  Oh, please.  If that were the criteria, I would never leave my bed in the morning.  Anything worth doing can create some stress.  Come on, voice in my head, you can do better than that!  The voice goes on to say, “Well, we’re all tired of hearing you bellyache about it, at any rate.”  That is a better deterrent.  I just imagine some people are tired of hearing me whine (I know, Bruce, I should drink some WINE).

People who are tired of me, rejoice.  I shall end the post now.  I must hurry to my polling place and vote, for one reason.  Then it is off to tonight’s rehearsal for Leading Ladies.  Tomorrow I’ll try to write my post while on breaks at work.  As always, I hope you’ll stay tuned.



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