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Mired Meanderings

I’m not sure I can call this a Monday Mental Meanderings.  Meandering implies movement and I feel like a stuck lump.  No matter, post I must and so I will.

Today is the only day this week I do not have rehearsal, just to get back into All Leading Ladies All The Time mode.   I’m always so damn tired on Monday, largely because I do not lead a healthy lifestyle, especially on the weekend.  What I will do next week when I have rehearsal, I do not know (although no doubt I will write a blog post about it).

Steven drove me to work this morning and picked me up afterwards due to vehicle issues.  I suggested we make a couple of stops for props on the way home.  Alas, we did not stop at any distinctive local stores such as I love to mention in the blog.  A dollar store and K-Mart.  We were looking for a punch bowl and a couple of swords.  I’m afraid we are going to end up with something rather ridiculous-looking.  Then again, it is a comedy.  Perhaps we can get away with it.

Oh dear, I hope I have not given too much away.  I especially hope I have not given any local readers a distaste for the production and a disinclination to attend.  I can just hear somebody out there saying, “I’m not going to see THAT play!  I hear they have ridiculous-looking props!”  Or is that just my inner critic?  Sometimes it’s hard to tell.

So here I am, mired down in my theatrical problems and trying to make a blog post.  Will the blog posts get any better as the week wears on and I must run to rehearsal?  I hope everybody will stay tuned to find out.



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