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Write, Post, Eat? Or Just Yell?

Is three weeks too early for All Leading Ladies All The Time?  Oh well, in the first place, it isn’t a full two weeks any more and in the second place, I’ll probably sneak in some other foolishness along the way.

That said, I’m stressed.  I have to finish my article for Mohawk Valley Living, make today’s blog post, and eat something.  Full disclosure:  I thought of the title while I was taking my shower and I have already eaten something.  Priorities, people!

I am having the damnedest time with the article.  Not the smallest problem is that I am on my new lap top not my old desk top.  I’m not used to this program!  Of course it is not all that hard.  I mean, I’m typing in words, how much to I have to do with them?  Still, it’s just one more thing to occupy my meager brain (which is still not back from yesterday’s tiredness, although I did go to bed early).  Yes, I know, one more thing to whine and cry about.  How tiresome am I?  Sorry, readers.

Earlier today I was talking about tonight’s rehearsal.  I have been discussing the play a lot at work.  People are interested, or pretend to be.  One fellow somehow got the impression that I intend to holler at my cast tonight.  He kept bringing it up:  “Go to rehearsal, yell at your cast, go home and go to bed.”  Me, yell at my cast?  I’m a woman of peace!  I am soft-spoken and gentle.  Who said I yell?  I got something to say to that bastard!

This week we rehearse today (Tuesday), Wednesday and Friday.  Next week it will be Tuesday through Friday.  The following week is production week:  every damn night till we open on Friday!  If this really is All Leading Ladies All The Time, that will be 17 more posts about the play, including opening night.  Let’s hope I come up with something to say besides, “I’m so stressed!  I do NOT yell at my cast!”



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