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Moronic Monday

Oh dear.  I am so tired I feel I am brain dead.  Do you suppose when they shaved my head they pulled out my brains as well?  Oh, who am I kidding? I never had that many brains to begin with.

The St. Baldrick’s Day event was a great deal of fun.  They exceeded their fundraising goal, and I think everyone enjoyed themselves.  I had a few glasses of wine, some good food and a whole lot of laughs.  Yes, yes, no doubt the wine had something to do with today’s tiredness. These things happen.  What do you expect of me?  Incidentally, I must return to Arthur’s in Dolgeville, NY for lunch or dinner one day soon.  Maybe several days soon, because there was a lot on their menu I’d like to try.

Incidentally, I did do some writing today while on breaks at work.  I worked on my next article for Mohawk Valley Living magazine.  It needs more work.  That brain dead thing is kind of doing me dirt.  You may have noticed.

So today is supposed to be Monday Mental Meanderings, but once again I do not have the mental resources to meander with.  I believe this has happened to me before, although I can’t be sure (being, as I am, largely brain dead, did I mention that?).   I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:  Sorry folks; hope I’ll see you again tomorrow.



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  1. We all need day off and rest. My son got his head shaved for St. Baldrick’s fundraiser. 🙂


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