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A Friendly Stop

I pause in my Saturday gyrations to make a brief blog post.  I am having quite the lovely day with my dear husband, who has a rare Saturday off.

I began my day with the useful part: going to Ilion Little Theatre for chores related to Leading Ladies, the play I am directing.  The normal bribe for folks helping out on a Saturday morning is donuts.  Accordingly, I headed to Frankfort, NY and the Friendly Bake Shop.  Frankfort is not a far drive from Herkimer, where I live.  I parked across the street and walked in to find a line.  This, of course, was not surprising.

“Is there a VISA logo on their cash register?” I asked a lady in line ahead of me.  I had not provided myself with cash so thought to use my bank card.  She did not see one.  “I”m in trouble,” I said and sadly left.  She followed me out the door and called me back before I had crossed the street again.

“I was looking right at it,” she confessed.  Having done that myself, I completely understood.

I got plain, glazed, jelly-filled and chocolate glazed, three of each to make a dozen.  I wasn’t sure how many people I would have to bribe, but I was fairly sure of having leftovers with a dozen.  Anyways, a dozen is the normal amount of donuts.  Every once in a while I like to do something normal.

“And I’ll have a loaf of this bread,” I added, grabbing one.  It was Italian with sesame seeds, sliced fairly thin.  I’m sure it will be yummy.  The donuts definitely were.  I ate two myself almost as soon as I got to the theatre.

The Friendly Bake Shop is located at 122 E. Main St., Frankfort, NY.  Phone number 315-894-8861.


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