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Who Said I Could Have Lame Post Friday?

Lame Post Friday is supposed to be my ultimate take it easy day.  Random observations and half-baked philosophy.  Also, sentence fragments, in which I usually do not indulge.  Oh well, I guess sometimes.  Oh dear, now I’m out of control.  Subject and predicate, Cindy, subject and predicate (when I first learned these things, I felt “noun and verb” was kind of babyish).

Where was I?  Ah yes, trying to come up with a Lame Friday post.  A random observation:  I looked out the bathroom window at work this morning and saw lots of snow.

“Who said it could snow?”  I demanded.  Nobody would confess to such a crime.  Another lady observed that we had spent all winter praising its mildness.  Now we are getting the weather we should have had in January, when we were ready for it.  That easily leads to the half-baked philosophy that adversity does not seem so, well, adverse, if we are only prepared for it.

But is that really true?  I think if we had had lots of snow and ice in January we would have been crying about it then, too.  Of course, we could have comforted ourselves with the reflection that such weather was to be expected in January.  Would that have helped?

Oh, now I have done it!  I am asking hypothetical questions.  I HATE hypothetical questions!  I can’t tell you what I WOULD HAVE done in January if the weather WOULD HAVE been a certain way.  January is over; we had the weather we had (full disclosure: I don’t remember much about January except that I wasn’t drinking wine at the time).  Wow, I really tricked myself into that one, didn’t I?

However, I see that I am over 250 words.  I’m going to call that OK for a Friday.  If only I could think of a lame headline.  Happy Friday, everyone.

P.S.  It stopped snowing.



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