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Too Tired to Type

All I want to do is make a Wuss-out Wednesday post and get my tired out body to bed.  I began to write something else earlier today.  I wanted something meaner than Wuss-out for my Wednesday, because I was in quite a dreadful mood.  All I could come up with was Worser Wednesday (isn’t “worser” a word?  I’ll be damned; I thought it was).  Oh, then I thought of Whiny Wednesday and Woebegone Wednesday, but neither seemed to capture my mood of the moment.  At this moment, I have no mood except being tired enough to burst into tears, although I feel I am unlikely to do any such thing.

I am far too tired to dig out the notebook containing the few paragraphs I wrote earlier.  For one reason, it took me an unreasonable amount of time to get onto WordPress tonight.  You know how computers are sometimes.  Oh, go ahead and make unkind remarks about Operator Error.  My whole life is operator error, dammit!  I ALREADY KNOW THAT!!

What I was thinking earlier, and it still applies, is that today should have been Tuesday.  Earlier it would have been Bad Attituesday.  Now it would be Tired Tuesday.  Therefore, I shall make a tired headline but nevertheless one with my beloved alliteration.  It is also a literary reference to Truman Capote, who famously said, “That’s not writing, that’s typing.”  I hope to see you all on Thursday.



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