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What Was I Laughing At?

I ran on Sunday mostly because I thought it would make a good blog post. Then I didn’t write the blog post, and isn’t that typical of me?  Well, I will try to write about my run now rather than drag us all (further) down with another Tired Tuesday post.

On Sunday, local readers will recall, the weather sucked.  Unfortunately I did not realize this when I made up my mind to run.  I knew it was supposed to be cold but felt I could handle it.  I had to bring Steven to work, so I got dressed in my running clothes to do that.  Steven went out to brush off the vehicles, since it had snowed in the night.  When I went out to help him, I discovered it was still snowing.

At first I saw no reason to change my plans.  After all, what are a few flakes among friends (no, not itches and flakes; that could be dandruff).  By the time I was actually driving Steven to his place of employment, what had been a few flakes had turned into a wall of white.  Regular readers may remember my odd personality quirk that bad weather makes me laugh.  I cackled all the way to Steven’s work.

“I am totally going running in this,” I said.  “It will make a great blog post.”

I did briefly consider abandoning the notion and running in place indoors on my Mom’s mini-tramp (she said she doesn’t need it back).  But I was already dressed in my warmest running pants, and I had located my toque and mittens (they are actually my sister Diane’s mittens; she may want them back).  Anyways, the snow was likely to stop soon; you know what they say about the weather and waiting five minutes.  Making the bargain with myself that I would turn back if the sidewalks were slippery, I set out.

The sidewalks were not slippery.  The snow did not stop.  I was grateful for the mittens and the warm pants.  I only wished I had something protecting my face.  That got cold, and since I had the mittens on, I couldn’t even put my palms on my cheeks and do Edvard Munch’s “The Scream,” which kind of helps, temporarily.  It was not until I finished my run and was walking my cool-down (the irony is not lost on me) that I realized the snow was actually accumulating on my face.  If I had a smart phone, I could have taken a selfie and wouldn’t that have added something to the blog.

The run itself was not that bad.  I have not been running much lately so I am trying to be better about it.  And maybe next time I can write a better blog post about it.  Happy Tuesday, everyone.



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  1. LOL That was funny! How much did it snow?


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