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Musings on a Miserable Meandering Monday

I started writing a pretty good post while on break at work today.  Now once again I cannot get to my dashboard on WordPress and it is just so frustrating!  I don’t even know where to go to ask them what to do about it.  Additionally, I am stressed and overwhelmed through my own damn fault so there is no point in bitching about it but it has a real dampening effect on my posting abilities.  That is probably a run-on sentence.

Where was I?    In my dining room, on my lap top, watching the clock, because I have to go to a rehearsal for our murder mystery, and trying to get a post done. I thought I was so smart, writing something while I was at work today!  All I would have to do was type it in, hit Publish and go.

If only I had finished it.  Which, truth be known, I should have been able to do right now.  What on earth is wrong with me that I cannot?  Some would say I could do it, I CHOOSE not to.  I suppose it could be true, but sometimes attempting to do something is so mentally painful as to become physically painful and then, well if you want to call it a choice, I call it a sensible choice.

The question now is: is it noticeably less painful to make a foolish post as I am doing than it was to attempt to finish the other post?  I can’t say.  However, it is shorter (the other was running into some length and I wanted to add at least three more paragraphs).  I shall sign off now and promise to do my damnedest to finish that other post for tomorrow.

I wish you all a most un-miserable Monday.


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  1. I wonder what is up with you not being able to get to the dashboard? Can you get to everything else?


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