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What’s This All About?

So, here I am, trying to make my blog post for the day. And WordPress won’t let me get to my dashboard!  It keeps saying I can’t get there from here (or words to that effect).  It won’t even let me get to any of my posts, from where I can usually get to said dashboard  (I was going to use “whence,” but you can’t say “from whence,” the expression is “whence,” and that didn’t seem right to me).  Then it lets me get to the “new and improved” posting experience, which I have hitherto avoided.

At least, I think that is where I am.  I could be typing all these words in to no effect.  Oh the pain.  Yet, how appropriate for Lame Post Friday.

It has, in fact, been more like a Saturday for me, because I am off from work.   I had some Mohawk Valley adventures.   I was all set to to a Scattered Saturday post on a Friday.  Alas, I could not.

After being unable to make my blog post, I had a rather amusing exchange on Facebook with a cousin of mine who has a blog.  Hachland is the blog.  Check it out (now he’ll KNOW I wasn’t hating on him) (oh, it’s a long story; I’ll write a blog post about it on a non-lame day perhaps).

The question is, can I link to Hachland from this posting experience?  Can I actually post this blog?  Oh, dear, I hope so. It may be lame, but at least it’s a post.



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