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But Is It a Profitless Post?

I have two let-myself-off-the-hook features for Monday:  Middle-aged Musings Monday and Monday Mental Meanderings.  Well, today I feel that I have no mental facilities for musingn or yet meandering.  This often happens to me (you may have noticed).  And yet, I never let it stop me from making a post daily.  Sometimes I wonder if that is really the best thing to do, but in general I find such questions profitless.

Ooh, that might be something to ponder on a Monday:  profitless questions.  Why do we continue to ask them?  Because we want answers?  Because we want that frisson of superiority that comes from asking somebody a question they cannot answer?  That second motive is not very praise-worthy.  However, some people, it must be admitted, get their jollies by trying to make others look stupid.  Incidentally, anybody who is thinking to try that shit on me, be advised, it’s no great feat to make me look stupid; I do it all the time myself.

Here is a better query:  What makes a question profitless?  The fact that it cannot be answered? Philosophers everywhere would disagree.  They LOVE asking unanswerable questions.  They do not find them profitless (although I’m not sure there is a whole lot of profit in philosophy; I don’t really know about these things).

I think what makes a question profitless is that the answer, if there is one, doesn’t do you a whole lot of good. For example, in many cases the question “How did this happen?” is not nearly as useful as “What do I do now?”  The question, “Should I continue to make a daily blog post even if I have nothing in particular to say?” is quite profitless, because I intend to keep posting every day no matter how one answers.  So there.

And this is today’s post.  Happy Monday, everyone.



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