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Come See the Show!

How about another plug for the murder mystery?  We had another rehearsal today, and it went very well.  We rehearsed in the venue in which the performance will take place, so that was helpful.  The only problem was, did we have the right actors?  My husband, Steven, is no longer certain he has the performance date off from work.  I have another actor who is interested but…

Ah, the trials and tribulations.

Anyways, we all met at Morning Star Methodist Church, on Second Street in Ilion, NY, where the performance will take place.  One member of the church board is a performer in the mystery.  Another is our liaison. The latter was quite adamant in not wanting to witness the rehearsal.  She wanted to see it “for real.”  I say, good idea.

I think the actors are doing a marvelous job at developing their characters and building relationships with each other.  I can’t say too much specific, because, well, I don’t want to spoil anybody’s surprise.  After all, if you already know that A thinks THAT of B, and that C was suspected of THIS… already I’ve said too much.

I said this was going to be a plug, so let me re-iterate:  “Engaged to be Murdered, ” Morning Star Methodist Church,  36 Second St., Ilion NY, Saturday, April 2, 5 p.m.,  $20 for roast pork dinner and show, reservations required by March 31 by calling the church office, 315-894-4093.

Come see the show! It’ll be fun!



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