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Lame a Little Lame with Me

Oh dear it is after 8 p.m. and I have yet to make my blog post.  I knew I would regret it when I did not type something in earlier.  Well, these things happen.  If I had made my post earlier, who is to say it would not have been even more lame than whatever I am about to come up with now?  I say it is best not to speculate upon such profitless topics.

So, yes, today is Lame Post Friday, the day when I take it easy an do not apologize for it.  I particularly like to indulge in random observations and half-baked philosophy.  Did I make any observations today? I saw a lot of weather.  First fog, then rain, then sun, then snow, then sun again, then gloom.  I am reminded of the old Popeye cartoons, when Popeye would try to make small talk.  He would say, “Large weather we’re having.”  It never worked very well as an ice breaker, but that hardly mattered.  We were all just waiting for him to eat some spinach and kick some ass.

I fear I do not have any philosophical comments to make.  Could I possibly become philosophical about not being philosophical?  I’m thinking not, but I’m wondering if any of my readers are named Phil.  Or Sophocles.  Is anybody named Sophocles anymore?  Was anybody ever named Sophocles after, you know, Sophocles?

And one final observations (not so random, but what are you going to do?):  I have a definite tendency to spell if “Sophoclese.”



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