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A Good Problem on a Tired Tuesday

This timeI think it really is Writer’s Block.   I just sat here by my notebook for a good ten minutes and no thoughts came through my head and out my fingers.  I was also eating my sammich and vegetables at the same time (although in general I am no fan of multi-tasking).

I finished my lunch in short order, and as you can read, I’m writing now.  Perhaps it isn’t any good, but it’s words on paper.  Sometimes we must take what we can get.

All morning as I worked (yes, when I COULD have been thinking about my blog post), I was obsessing about Leading Ladies, the show I am directing (should I say that every time and should I specify at Ilion Little Theatre?  I don’t like to bore regular readers, but I must also consider those of you who are just tuning in) (if any) (um, I mean if any AT ALL, regular or otherwise).

Thirteen people showed up for auditions Monday night.  That is a marvelous turnout for our little community theatre.  I only need eight actors!  Oh dear, maybe this is not so marvelous after all.  How can I turn people away?  How can I decide who to turn away?  Now what?

I know, it is a great problem to have.  Usually we are making phone calls, sending emails and tearing our hair out.  So I’m not exactly complaining, although I suppose it sounds suspiciously like I am.

Be that as it may, I have now blathered on for over 200 words.  It is Tired Tuesday and I must get to the second night of auditions.  Wouldn’t it be cool if even MORE people showed up?  Maybe I need to find a bigger play.



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