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Fish on Friday

Don’t ask me why I was in Ilion, NY at seven this evening having not eaten dinner, but there I was with my husband.  I thought we were about to head home.

“Where do I go to get a fish fry?”  he asked.

“The Elks Lodge,” I answered.  A friend at work had recommended the Ilion Elks’ Fish Fry to me since the beginning of Lent but I hadn’t made it there yet.  I hadn’t thought I would make it this week either, but, well, sometimes these things work out.

We had missed the bake sale, which benefited the Herkimer Humane Society, and we had to wait just a couple of minutes while the hostess cleared and set up a table for us, but these were minor points.  Soon we were looking over the menu.  At first I thought to get broiled haddock for $10 but then I saw scallops were only $3 more.  I LOVE scallops!  Steven suggested he get the haddock while I got the scallops, that way we could taste each other’s entrees.

“Can I go in the bar and get a glass of wine to go with dinner?” I asked the waitress.

“We encourage it,” she said.

I asked the bartender what they had for white wine and selected Chardonnay.

“May I sniff the cork?” I asked as he poured.  “Just kidding,” I quickly added.  “We’re not snobby.  In fact, I see by the frog on the cork, that is the kind of wine we usually get.  Nathanson’s Creek, if you were wondering.

It was quite the delicious dinner.  The Elks Lodge is located at 8 West St., Ilion, NY.  They serve fish fry on Fridays during Lent from 5 to 8 p.m.



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  1. hahaha! You seem to have my sense of humor. My kids hate it when I joke with someone. I embarrass them! But, that is part of my job description as a mom, right?


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