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What Would Virginia Woolf Do?

Yes, I am having a bad blogging week.  Other things aren’t going so well either, but that’s neither here nor there (here’s a question to ponder:  when something is neither here nor there, where is it?  Discuss amongst yourselves) (my computer seems to think “amongst” is not a word, but it is, isn’t it?)

People who read yesterday’s post may be pleased to hear that I did get a clue.  Two clues, in fact, maybe even three if you count pointing up a character trait of the victim.  I think it counts.  As for what the clues are… nice try!  I’m not giving anything away!  Come and see the show!

So I spent my time at work pondering these clues and writing them down as soon as I got on break.  And then I found that I had no clue (see what I did there?) about what to write a blog post about.  Could I dare do a Non-Sequitur Thursday after a Tired Tuesday and a Wuss-out Wednesday?  We all know the answer to that is yes.

I actually did have some Mohawk Valley adventures last Saturday, with my sister Cheryl and our friend Penny.  We went to Little Falls, NY.  Highlights included Paca Gardens, Fall Hill Bead and Gems and, on our return to Herkimer, Gems Along the Mohawk.  Why in the world should I not write about these delightful places?  Well perhaps I will.  For one reason, I work Saturday so Lame Post Friday is rendered… inappropriate.

Therefore, I shall try for a real post tomorrow.  In the meantime, thank you for participating, and Happy Thursday.



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