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20th Century Saturday

It’s time for this week’s Scattered Saturday Post.  I suppose some of you were hoping for a return of Saturday Running Commentary, as indeed I was myself, but, oh well, I guess I’ll tell you what I did instead.

Steven left for work shortly before nine, and I left shortly after that for a couple of errands on foot.  Pedestrian activities, of course, are not as fun without a cute little dog, but one does what one must.  I went to the post office and mailed some post cards and a letter.  I felt rather quaint indulging in snail mail, but I just love that kind of correspondence and I know the recipients of my little missives enjoy them too.

After the post office, I went to the bank to deposit a check (I know, that, too, is fairly 20th century, but it’s a little less dated than snail mail).  I took the long way home to get a little more exercise in. I didn’t really think I would go running later, and every little bit helps.

My adventuring took me to Middleville, NY, where a couple of wrong turns took me over some very enjoyable country roads.  My destination, which I confess to driving right by twice, was Middleville Free Library.  I shall write at greater length about it later.

Back home, I waited for Steven to come home for lunch before doing anything useful.  After he went back to work, I had to find another excuse.  I ended up doing one load of laundry and going grocery shopping (I probably forgot something but have not remembered what yet).

I am now cooking a fairly unimaginative dinner.  I actually could write a cooking post about it;  it’s not completely lame.  Maybe on Wrist to Forehead Sunday.  I hope you are all have a marvelous Saturday.


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  1. I like your snail mail choice and also walking to do errands. I write two friends every 6 months. Your post could kind of go with mine. Next time I post a downtown shop post, is it okay to put your blog in? 🙂
    I have one which will come later this month and I will add you in. Thank you for your great comment today! Smiles, Robin

    • Wow, thanks, sure it’s OK to put my blog in. I love living right in the village where I can just walk to do stuff,or just walk or run for my own entertainment. We hope to get a new dog in the spring; then I’ll have company on my post office jaunts again!

      • Sharing a new dog will be a fun idea. I walk everywhere when my work day is over. We have a Farmer’s Market on Wed. after 5 and Sat. mornings, places to buy antiques, food, an updated state of the art movie theatre with new seats but gold filigree on ceiling and red velvet curtains on a stage.
        The post will be on 1/22/16. I get busy during the week but will try to stay in touch. 🙂

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