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Lame But Not Lush

Well, here it is Friday at the sweats on, bra off portion of the evening.  Regular readers are saying, “Didn’t she leave something out?  For example, wine drinking?”  About that…

Christmas Day I had a rather dreadful headache.  I did not think I really tied one on, but I had been indulging in the white wine Christmas Eve.  My mother suggested I go a month without drinking, to see if it had any effects on the headaches.  Naturally I do everything my mother tells me (she would probably offer a different opinion about that, but I believe she would be referring to some time in the previous century so we need not regard it).

Full disclosure:  I had a glass of wine Christmas Day and maybe a glass or two the day after. But beginning December 27 until the present day (January 8, 2016), I have been dry. No, I don’t want a medal, I’m just SAYING!

We all know I love my wine (at least anybody who has been paying the least bit of attention) (not that I flatter myself that everybody pays attention to me).  It is definitely an enjoyable part of my weekend, and sometimes a welcome treat on a week night.  But I don’t think of myself as a lush or somebody with a problem.

Then again.

The fact that I’m talking about it AT ALL makes me paranoid.  If it’s not a problem, then it shouldn’t be a problem, now, should it?  It shouldn’t even make a blog post.  Oh dear.   And in fact, it is not a problem.  I mean, I’m not sitting here WISHING I had a glass of Pinot.  I did not have to grip the steering wheel as I drove home from work to keep from pulling in at the liquor store.  I haven’t even been thinking about, for example, the cool, dry tang of an unoaked  Chardonnay…  Just kidding.  I had to sit here and compose that Chardonnay line.

But if I’m not thinking about it, that insidious inner critic asks, then why am I writing about it?

Ah, I find the answer to that quite simply:  it’s what I call the Doughnut Effect.  As soon as you decide you can’t have something, what is the first thing you want?  That’s right!  And then what you do is try not to think about it.  OK, right now, try not to think about doughnuts,because you can’t have any.

I bet some people stopped reading this blog and are halfway to Krispy Kreme as we speak.  As for me, I have successfully taken my mind off the long-stemmed glass of fermented grape.

But I may be making a trip to the in-store bakery section of Hannaford.  Happy Friday, everyone.



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  1. Have you thought about doing the Whole 30? It also might help narrow down a dietary cause for your headaches. And since you aren’t imbibing anyway…

    • I never heard of the Whole 30, but looked it up just now. Oh dear. When I read that “planning and preparation are key” I feared I did not qualify. A glance at the steps confirmed the fear. Prepare your house? Set up your support team? Change your life? I’m more of a baby stepper (and sometimes I’m just a baby). I can make small changes, and sometimes small TEMPORARY changes (I do not intend to remain dry indefinitely). Still, dietary changes might not be a bad idea. I’ve had gluten free suggested to me as well. First I’d have to eat the fancy pasta my sister gave me for a Christmas present.

      • Yes the Whole 30 is a lot of work, but it is only for 30 days. (That is what I tell myself here on day 2!) But it makes such a difference in my life that it is worth the sacrifice. Avoiding grains really seems to make a difference in how well my thyroid meds work. As I found out over the holidays when I ate anything and everything and ended up feeling like crap. So now I am battling to get back on track. Hopefully your headache issues will be resolved soon!

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