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Not Wuss — Winter!

Winter returned to the Mohawk Valley last night (Tuesday, Dec 28).  I could hear sleet hitting the windows when I woke up in the night.  When I got up I saw the back yard was covered with snow.  Well, we knew it was coming.

I had planned to go running today.  For one reason, I could make a Running Commentary blog post.  For another, I’m getting fatter.  And for just one more, I promised myself I would run up the hill to Herkimer College before the end of 2015.  Perhaps the rain would stop before I got out of work.

During lunch I left stepped outside of my place of employment briefly.  Cold rain was falling and a bitter wind blew.  Even more ominous for my running plans, the sidewalks were covered with ice and ice water.  Yikes!  I could probably talk myself into running in the cold, POSSIBLY the rain (although I don’t usually).  Icy sidewalks, however, are to be assiduously avoided.  I revised my plans:  I would run in place on the mini-tramp while looking at a movie.  I might still have a Boris Karloff flick on my DVR.

I was feeling dreadfully tired by the time I got home, but rather than have a Wuss-out Wednesday post, I was going to try.  Then I saw a neighbor shoveling the snow from his front walk.  The neighbors on the other side had already shoveled their walk, as had other houses.  I felt I should be a responsible homeowner.

Shoveling snow is exercise, I assured myself.  Were the shovels on the back deck?  Yes.  I went inside only long enough to put my bag down then went out and got started.

It wasn’t long before I realized that while yesterday I had worn my work shoes home, today I had sensibly changed into my sneakers.  I told myself not to worry about it.  Even if my feet got soaked, I wasn’t going to be out there long enough for it to matter.  I would be out there maybe a half hour.  Half an hour is a good amount of exercise in the middle of the week.

I started on the sidewalk.  It was crunchy, iced-over snow, but it wasn’t too deep and it wasn’t too heavy. I had my reward right away when a nice lady came along walking her dog.  I petted the dog and chatted with the lady.  She said she had seen me walking a little white dog.

“Did you lose her?”

“Yes, she had cancer.”

She offered her condolences and I petted the dog again before they moved on.  I do hope to get another dog one day, possibly in the spring.

As I continued to clear the sidewalk, a gentleman from the apartment building next door came out and started shoveling the end of their driveway.  We chatted a bit about winter, commuting, and store-brand cottage cheese.  This shoveling wasn’t a bad gig at all.

When I started on the end of the driveway, things got a little less fun.  Between the snowplow piling more snow up and our vehicles going in and out of the driveway, the snow and ice was more stubbornly in place.  I worked away with determination.  I was rewarded with further conversation when the neighbor who lives on the other side came out and started shoveling their driveway.

I ended up shoveling for an hour.  I did not get the whole driveway done, but I cleared enough that Steven should be able to pull in and park.  I wasn’t sure I could get a blog post out of it but decided to try.  You be the judge:  is this better, worse, or about the same as one of my Wuss-out Wednesday posts?


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  1. I realize you and I are in different time zones but are we really in different “date zones?” In my southwestern corner of the states today is Tuesday, Dec 29th. Your blog shows you posted on Dec 30th and you shoveled ‘last night’ on Tues the 28th? I am pretty sure you can get a good blog post out of this date conundrum. (I have noticed the date being off the last few posts but thought maybe you were posting after midnight eastern time or something.)
    P.S. Love your blog! And I miss NY terribly. I used to live in both Rochester and Lockport and worked briefly in Syracuse at the ANG unit there. Can’t wait to move back!!

    • Well, you see, basically, I am kind of stupid. Winter returned MONDAY, Dec. 28, I shoveled Tuesday, Dec. 29, but somehow had it in my head that it was Wednesday, my day for Wuss-out Wednesday. Additionally, for some reason my WordPress account dates my posts a day later than I think it is, unless I post really early in the day. I don’t know why it does that or how to fix it, because I am not particularly computer savvy. As a matter of fact, I did write part of a blog post on my time warp, which I was just about to type in, finish, and publish (when it will be dated Thursday, Dec. 31, although from where I sit, it is still Wednesday, Dec. 30). So glad you like my blog! And it is so nice to hear from somebody else who loves New York!

      • I am not overly computer savvy myself. The only things I can think to check would be if your computer has the right time or if there is a place to set the time zone in your wordpress profile? HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

      • It’s definitely WordPress, because it happens on different computers. Perhaps I’ll look into it in 2016 (which I guess comes earlier for me, as we were observing). Happy New Year!

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