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Stop Stalling and Start Blogging

I wish I had something that starts with an ST to do.  Then I would have a thoroughly alliterative title.

The sad truth is that once again when it comes to my post, I got nuthin’.   I don’t have much when it comes to other aspects of my life either, but I won’t get into that.  This isn’t Maudlin Monday after all.  I’ve been waiting all day and half the evening for inspiration to strike.  I went to “On This Day” in Facebook.  I always share my blog post, so it is an easy way to see what I published, you know, on this day. Then I re-read yesterday’s post.

You will probably not be surprised to hear that inspiration did not strike.  I finally had to sit down and just start typing.  Hence, today’s title.

My Post-Christmas Letdown kicked in full force today, not surprisingly, since I was back at work.  Oh, it was not a bad day at work.  But work is, perforce, work.  I like my job. I would just prefer to be independently wealthy or at least be on vacation the week after Christmas.  I know, I can’t have everything; it is best to appreciate the things I have and not dwell on what I have not.

Steven fixed us a nice dinner tonight of tomato soup and grilled ham, cheese and tomato sandwiches.  Adding pretzels and a glass of milk, I ate too much.  I suppose that was a seasonal thing for me to do.  You would think it would have alleviated the Letdown, but not so much.

No matter (as I like to say to myself).  I have managed to ramble on for more than 250 words.  I already have a title.  I’m going to categorize this as Monday Mental Meanderings, hit publish and call it a day.  Perhaps you’ll tune in on Tuesday, when I will hope not to be Tired.


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