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Put a Little Tinsel on that Tired Tuesday Post

You probably guessed I was going to have a Tired Tuesday post.  After all, All Christmas All The Time, stress over getting stuff done — I mean NOT getting stuff done — other ongoing problems that I keep boring on about… and I’m just usually tired on a Tuesday.  So shoot me.

As I struggled to get presents together, I remembered something:  I have all day Christmas Eve.  My only sticky wicket there (that is the first time in my life I have ever used the expression “sticky wicket”) is that I am spending all of Christmas Eve at my parents’ house.  I had originally thought I could help my mother with her last minute preparations (and by “help,” of course I mean sit around and visit).  I’m not saying I’m going to ask her to help me, but I do hope she will provide some moral support.

More importantly, do I have the Christmas Spirit?  Intermittently, yes.  In between setbacks such as remembering the laundry in the drier and noticing that the hour is approaching my bed time (no, I CAN’T stay up till all hours getting stuff done and still function tomorrow; I never could although I used to be dumb enough to try).

Be all that as it may (that is an expression I use quite frequently), I have typed in over 200 words (as Truman Capote said and I have quoted before, “That’s not writing, that’s typing”), and I consider that a post.  Happy Tuesday and Merry Three Days Before Christmas.


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