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Lame Words, Different Friday

I can’t do everything right.  I’m just not built that way.  And really, would I be as charming and lovable if I always took the sensible choice?  This is where the inner critic chimes in with remarks about who ever said I was charming and lovable, and never mind EVERYTHING but could I possibly do ONE thing right ONCE in a while?

You see why I do not like to listen to my inner critic. She is not very nice in addition to being quite sarcastic and not in a good way.

That is what I wrote earlier today, and I was feeling pretty damn happy about it. It was fun to write, and it was easy.  The words were flowing. It was great.  Now, I confess, I look at it an realize it is the same schtick I have written before and it is not that many words anyways.  Then again, what do I expect on Lame Post Friday?

What I did wrong this time, in case anybody was wondering, was to stay up too late drinking white wine at Ilion Little Theatre’s monthly dinner meeting.  The December meeting is always more of a party than a meeting, which is one reason I try not to miss it.  I had a marvelous time and am full of theatre plans for the coming year.

However, before the New Year, I must get through Christmas.  That is what this weekend is all about.  I am a little later than I prefer in making this post, because I was out Christmas shopping earlier.  And I spent a little time on the phone with my sister, making Christmas plans (and by “making Christmas plans” I mean asking her what she’s going to fix for Christmas dinner) (No, I’m not cooking for Christmas — hey, she volunteered!).

So another thing I do wrong is to make yet another foolish post where I just don’t say a hell of a lot.  But I hope you’re all having a marvelous Friday.



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