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Well, this is SWELL!  There I was, typing in the blog post I had started about a cheesy horror movie and I came to a point I had to look up in the TV Journal (you remember my TV Journal, don’t you?).  It was a mere point about how long into the movie we had to wait for Dracula (oh, should I have included a spoiler alert?).  I knew I had noted it as we watched.

And there in the TV Journal was a whole LOT of commentary I wrote while I watched.  I remember now thinking I could use some of that stuff in a blog post if I wrote one.  I had, of course, forgotten about it when I sat at work writing what I remembered.  NOW what shall I do?  What if the stuff I wrote in the TV Journal was better than the stuff I wrote at work?  Obviously I need to work some more on this post.

If only, if only I had finished the other post I started yesterday.  But I’m still bogged down.  Instead I started another post, which also got bogged down.  Are you sensing a pattern here?  I am SO MUCH BETTER at starting things than at finishing them!  I know, the only thing to do is start finishing things.

However, today is Tired Tuesday, and it really, truly is.  I know, I’m tired every day. It is very, dare I say, tiresome, and it doesn’t help that I am a big, fat baby about these things (see, at least I admit that much).

So I guess this is another post about Not Writing.  At least, I WAS writing, so perhaps a post about not finishing.  How embarrassing.  But apparently not too embarrassing to hit Publish. Hope to see you all on Wuss-out Wednesday.


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