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That Street with the M

How about a Sunday Running Commentary?  For one reason, I can get it posted now and then get on with my Sunday, during which I should be getting a LOT of things done.  Oh dear, I’m feeling wrist-to-foreheady already.  Never mind, just get on with the post.

I didn’t run yesterday or Friday, so I really wanted to run today.  Mostly, of course, I wanted to stay in bed, but Steven was getting up so I thought I might as well get out there.  It was 49 degrees according to my thermostat, a perfectly good temperature for shorts and t-shirt.  I wore an ARMY t-shirt with a reflective doo-dah on the back, because the sun was not all the way up.  Safety first for Mohawk Valley Girl.  I mostly stay on the sidewalk anyways.

As I set out I thought briefly about running up the hill to Herkimer College (which I prefer to call HCCC) (pronounced H Triple C).  It is a big, impressive hill I like to run up at least once a week when I am in shape for it.  I do not believe I am currently in shape for it,  but maybe I could get into shape for it by doing it.  It would be nice to post on Facebook that I ran up the hill to HCCC.

I thought that I would like to do it before the end of 2015.  That gave me a little leeway, didn’t it?  I didn’t have to do it today, did I?  My problem was how long I’ve been running lately.  My longest time since I’ve been running again is 31 minutes.  I try to increase by a mere 10 percent each week.  That only put me to 34 minutes this week.  Could I get up that hill and back down in 34 minutes?  Perhaps, but only if I turned around and came back the way I came.  I like to run back down the back way.

Having talked myself out of that route, I decided to do my other Sunday run, up the hill by Valley Health, then to the high school, over a little bridge, then down and up streets till I got home.  I had done this run last week one day but not gone up and down the streets, because it would take too long.  Now I was running for a longer time. I could rock this.

The first street you come to after crossing the little bridge by the high school really seems more like a parking lot next to some athletic fields.  However, it is a real street called Frederick Street.  I took special note of the street sign this time.  Now I could run up Graham, down…  oh crap, what was the name of that street?

How dumb of a brain fart was this?  I run these streets ALL THE TIME!  I walk them, I drive them, for heaven’s sake, I live in this town!  The street begins with an M. I knew it began with an M.  I thought it was Marion.  Why did “Marion” all of a sudden not sound right?  I knew it wasn’t Mary, that was somewhere else.  Of course it wasn’t Margaret, Margaret was between Caroline and Henry.

So I had to go all the way down Frederick and up Graham before I could confirm that it was indeed Marion Street.  At the rate I run, that is a long time to feel stupid for not remembering the name of a street you’ve been running and walking on for over ten years.  On the other hand, I thought, I could put it in my blog post.  That would even give me a title.

Another good thing, pondering about the name of the street took my mind off how tired I felt while running. Full disclosure:  I drank red wine and stayed up late watching Christmas movies Saturday night.  In my defense, I was having a lovely evening with my husband.  And I did not let it keep me from running on Sunday.  Oh dear, I just remembered that last Sunday I was lamenting drinking wine and staying up late watching Christmas movies.  Is this what I’m going to do on the weekends now?

Well, what if it is?  I daresay many people drink wine, watch Christmas movies and go running the next morning.  I don’t suppose many of them forget the names of streets they are perfectly familiar with, but you know me, I just have to be different.

In any case, I ended up running 36 minutes, increasing my time more than the recommended 10 percent, but I don’t imagine it did me any harm.  I’ll go for the hill up to HCCC next Sunday, maybe even sooner if I get ambitious.



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