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Is Lame Post Friday Really a Thing?

Points to ponder:

Why is it a “spork” and not a “foon”?

Why is it “workaholic” and not “workic”?  After all, an alcoholic is addicted to alcohol.  Nobody is addicted to workahol. Workahol is not even a thing and if it is a thing, it is only because some smart ass made it up to prove didactic types like me wrong.

Hmmm…. the only other points I have are serious ones and I am just not up to making any serious points today.  Still,when one does a post like this, one likes to give three examples (one being me).

Oh, here’s one:  Why do people say, “It goes without saying” and then go right ahead and say it?  Sometimes when there is a lull in the conversation I say, “It goes without saying” and let it hang.

I wonder if this is 200 words.  I’m writing it in a spiral notebook while on break at work and I am disinclined to count the words myself.  Hmm… not up to making serious points, disinclined to count words, hoping I’m done with the post already… It must be Lame Post Friday!

But you already knew that.

Anyways, I am now sitting at my acer typing, and it is not quite 200 words.  Additionally, I am a little afraid I have made some of these ponderable points before.  And apparently “ponderable” is not even a word.  Let us ponder that linguistic tidbit for a while.

Happy Friday, everyone.


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  1. It should definitely be a thing. Though I do lame every post, so can it be a 5 time a week thing?


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