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Another Cool Place to Shop

One of Steven’s and my stops on Shop Small Saturday (oh dear, was that almost two weeks ago?  How the time flies!) was Fall Hill Bead and Gems.  What a fun place to look around!

Jewelry is one of my magnets, as a friend once observed. I especially like unusual pieces.  At Fall Hill you can not only find unusual pieces: they sell all the materials needed for you to make your own.  I have personally never made my own jewelry but looking at all the different beads available I’m wondering if I ought to give it a try.

As Steven and I walked around admiring, I started thinking about all my family and friends who would love this store:  this one loves jewelry, that one is interested in the healing properties of gemstones, another one makes jewelry.  I mentioned a few of them to Kim Hergert, the proprietor.  She asked which category I was in.

“I like unusual stores,” I said.

“I just like cool stuff,”  Kim said.  I asked if I could quote her, and she graciously gave permission.

We purchased a small gift bag made out of some unusual material and a rough Little Falls diamond.  Kim told us the bag was half silk half paper.

“I don’t know if they feed the silk worms paper pulp and they poop it out or what,” she said.  It was a fun stop.  I intend to return soon, possibly with family or friends to introduce to a really cool place.

Fall Bead and Gems is located at 32 W. Main St., Little Falls, NY, phone number 315-823-0454. You can Like them on Facebook.


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