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Now I’m Tired

I know you’re all waiting for a Tired Tuesday post in which I once again lament my inability to compose a real post.  However, I’m going to switch things up and offer a Running Commentary.  Did I mention that I went running on Wrist to Forehead Sunday?  Well I went running today (Tuesday) as well, and I’m feeling just a little pleased with myself over it.

The lying sacks — uh, I mean the forecasters who are only human and not omniscient after all —  that predict the weather told us last week that it was going to be warmer this week.  Each day the warm temperatures seem to move a day further away, reminding me of the signs you sometimes see in bars that say, “Free beer tomorrow.”   Of course tomorrow never comes.  Well, yesterday I said I would run tomorrow and that’s today and I did, so there.

It was a little colder than I like for running but I didn’t think it would be too bad.  I found leggings and a long-sleeved t-shirt.  I already knew where my toque was, because I had worn it to work.  I felt a little bad-ass going to work this morning in a short-sleeved t-shirt, regular sweatshirt and my toque.  I figure I’ll add the insulated sweatshirt when the temperature drops below 20.

I didn’t even try to talk myself out of running, and I did not employ any delaying tactics either.  It was shortly after four when I set out.  I foresightedly put a bottle of water and a sweatshirt on my back deck for use during my cool-down walk (my computer seems to think that foresightedly is not a word, but I thought it was).  I ran up to German Street and turned right, because I had turned left on Sunday.

Sunday when I ran it was still dark out, with the sun about to come up.  That is one of my favorite times to run.. You start in the dark and finish in the light.  Today the sun had not exactly set but had gone behind the mountains.  It was still light but grey.  Sometime after eight this morning when I left work to drive to an appointment in New Hartford it was almost dark.  I don’t mind a gloomy day.

Running did not seem too difficult at first, even after working a ten hour day (minus the time I was at my appointment, of course) (oh, maybe that was why running wasn’t too difficult, you think?).  I had thought earlier about running up a hill somewhere (there aren’t that many possibilities near where I live), but decided to take it easy.  I further decided that I would not to run too far.  This was strictly a mind-week maintenance run.  Anything over 20 minutes would be OK.  Even exactly 20 minutes would be acceptable.

I turned down Main Street, which I had not meant to do, but cars were turning and it was easier if I turned too.  Main Street is always interesting.  The new place that sells Greek gyros is open.  I’ll have to check that out.  I love gyros, although I believe I pronounce the word incorrectly.  They also offer souvlaki.  That I know how to say.

All the way down Main I went then took a right onto Albany Street.  Was I getting tired?  A little, but not too bad.  I didn’t think would go a lot over 20 but maybe some.  A few minutes.  There was no point in killing myself.  For one thing, I still had to write a blog post about it.

I admired plenty of Christmas decorations as I ran.  Not many lights were on yet, but I saw a lot of greenery and garland.  One window box sported a banner that read, “It’s Time for Christmas.”   And so it is.  I must get cards sent out and start working on presents.   Well, yes, I believe I did say that most of my friends and family are on the naughty list, as of course am I.  That has not kept any of us from receiving presents in previous years.

I ended up running 25 minutes by virtue of going by the house to the corner and back.  I was quite tired of running by then but decided to push myself just a little.  It didn’t kill me.  Apparently it has not even kept me from composing a fairly lengthy post about it, although I know I’m missing a few bon mots I thought of while I was running.  No matter.  If they were any good, they’ll come back to me for use another time.



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