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Good Run, Dull Post

One week ago today I made myself a mental note to not take three days off from running again.  And you know damn well that is what I just did.  However, I ran today and it wasn’t too bad, so rather than dwell on my shortcomings, I offer a Running Commentary.

I felt pretty cool in today’s running outfit.  I found my leopard spotted long johns which I had worn to an evening appointment Tuesday.  This is how I get two wears out of my long johns and leggings.  The teal winter running shirt my sister gave me for my birthday was clean.  I discovered that one of the colors on my best running shoes exactly matches the shirt.  I put on a red headband for a little more color, and to cover my ears.

It was not too cold out.  Cold enough on my hands, but I could handle that.  It had rained earlier, so there were still a few puddles to run around or jump over.  Mostly I ran around them.  I don’t like to bounce too much when I run.

Some people had their Christmas lights on already.  I appreciated that.  I had neglected to turn on ours. I made a mental note to do that before Steven got home.  It is so nice to return home to a Christmas-lit house.

I did not feel too awful as I ran.  My feet hurt, because I had been on them all day for the past few days at work.  My legs felt tired for the same reason. However, one deals with these things.  I kept going.   I did not run very fast, and I did not go up any hills.  However, I kept going for 25 minutes, which was one minute less than I had run on Sunday.  I call that respectable for a mid-week run.

My only regret was that I had not put a sweatshirt out to wear on my cool-down walk.  The wind had picked up by that time and was quite sharp.  I thought briefly about skipping the cool-down but said to myself, “Oh, just do it.”  So I did.


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