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Tired of Computer Problems

This will be a short Tired Tuesday post, because I can’t be sure the power cord will remain plugged into my computer.  It is the replacement cord we bought recently when the original cord wore out.  The battery is worn out and they don’t make that kind any more.  Enough of my computer woes.

Wait a minute.  I already typed the title, “Tired of Computer Problems.”  Does that not imply that this post will go on talking about my computer woes?  Can I be guilty of lack of truth in advertising when it is not even Non-Sequitur Thursday?  Could be.

But, wait another minute.   I am TIRED of computer problems.  Maybe I am also tired of talking about them.  It seems, however, that I am not tired of being silly.

The fact is, I have had a bad headache all day, the sixth day in a row I have had one.  At least every headache has not been an all-day affair.  I’ve got that going for me.  What I do not have going for me is a viable topic for a blog post and/or the brains to write one if I did.

In conclusion, I have no conclusion. Hope to see you all on Wuss-out Wednesday.



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  1. I used to blog for 2 years at the library now I use a phone. I feel sad for your problems with computer. Take care!

  2. I had on-going off and on headache issues before Thanksgiving which turned out to be sinus and allergy related. It was very odd as I didn’t have a runny or stuffy nose, apparently just the frontal cavities were clogged. maybe Santa will bring you a new computer? Or new parts?


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