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Thoughts for the Season

I told you it was going to be Wrist to Forehead Sunday and I didn’t lie.  At least, not about that.  Well, why wouldn’t it be Wrist to Forehead Sunday?  It is the last day of a delightful four-day weekend.  The only good thing is that it is a mere three weeks before my next delightful four-day weekend.  Oh, all right, that isn’t the ONLY good thing, but still…

Wrist-to-Foreheady as I am feeling, the day is not without its charms.  I went running for the fourth day in a row, so I feel pretty pleased with myself over that. Additionally, Steven and I took a nice walk, and we are now watching movies.  While we watch I am finishing an afghan to donate as a raffle item to a Breakfast with Santa which my sister organizes every year for her church in Liverpool, NY.  Um, right now I am typing a blog post while I watch, but I’ll get back to the afghan in another hundred or so words.

Now that Thanksgiving is over, it is time to start thinking about Christmas, beginning, I suppose, with that afghan for the Santa breakfast.  Oh, I know, some of you have been thinking about it right along and already have all your presents bought and wrapped.  In fact, I have been thinking about it too.

Mostly I have been thinking about how bad I have been all year, so I do not expect any presents.  That is quite a relief, really, because I have too many things in my house as it is.  I am also thinking that most likely everybody on my list has been bad as well.  After all, this is my family we’re talking about.  I’m quite sure they are all on Santa’s Naughty List, with the possible exception of my mother.

Now I learned long ago that Santa Claus is a pushover, and most of the kids on his Naughty list get presents anyways.  I think this year I will set the fat man an example and not give presents to those who have not behaved.  That will give me a head start on being bad for next year.  After all, judging other people so harshly will certainly put me on the Naughty List.


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