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It Didn’t Stay Layered

I said,  “What shall I write my blog post about?”  Steven answered, “The delicious dinner that I made.”  Well, I got nuthin’ else, so let’s try it.

Earlier I had a few ideas for supper, but it was Steven’s day off.  When I talked to him at lunch, he told me he had gotten burger out of the freezer for shepherd’s pie (no relation to my great nephew Shepherd) (sorry, just couldn’t resist mentioning him).  We had some leftover mashed potatoes, which might be sufficient.

“I might have to cook a couple more potatoes,” Steven said.

“It’s OK if there’s not much potato,” I said.  “Because, you know, calories.”  Steven has nothing to worry about, but I am putting on weight again.

He ended up using the potatoes we had.  He cooked the burger, adding Worcestershire sauce, then layered it in a casserole dish with the leftover potatoes and frozen corn.  On top he put lemon-and-pepper, garlic powder and seasoned breadcrumbs.  He put it in a 350 degree oven till it seemed done.

“It didn’t stay layered,” Steven said when he took it out.

It still tasted pretty good, especially after adding salt and pepper.  We ate it all.  It’s a bonus that there were no left-overs.  We are not very good at using up our leftovers.

I have not mentioned that I am dreadfully tired today, but perhaps it shows.  If so, I crave your indulgence (that is a fancy way to beg pardon or otherwise apologize).  I am planning great Mohawk Valley adventures for later in the week.  As always, I hope you’ll stay tuned.


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