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Who, Me? Have a Life?

That’s it.  Wuss-out Wednesday it is.  I just typed in two sentences and backspaced them out.  I will not do it again.  It is getting late (for me) and I am tired (as usual).  I want to make my post and go to bed.  Maybe after looking at Facebook, which I haven’t really had time to do today (I’m a little bit addicted).

Why, you may be asking, did I not write a post earlier, perhaps while on break at work or while waiting for a doctor appointment?  I will answer, with a trace of defensive smugness (if you can be defensive and smug at the same time), I was writing something else.  I worked all day on an article for Mohawk Valley Living.  I hope it was good.

I often say that writing begets more writing, and I think in general it is true.  But sometimes I get tired.

One problem is that I have been straight out between stage managing the play at Ilion Little Theatre, working overtime, dealing with homeowner-type chores, and in general trying to have a life.  I guess that’s my whole problem.  Who ever said I could have a life?  I guess nobody, I just thought I could have one.  Wrong again!

One encouraging thought (for me anyways), is that it looks as if writing really does encourage writing, because tired as I am, it is kind of fun to type this in now, and I am thinking how I would REALLY like to have an hour or two to sit and work at the novel I haven’t done a thing with in months.  I positively must carve out time in my silly life to do so.

And perhaps tomorrow I can carve out time to write a better blog post.  Happy Wednesday, everyone.



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