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Adventures in Laundry

I thought I would give my readers an update on the washer/drier adventure I had on Saturday.  As I mentioned in Saturday’s post, a work friend sold me his old washer and drier at a very attractive price.  Saturday was the day to go get it, and several family members came over to help and/or point and laugh.

The original plan had been for Steven and me to go get the appliances after he got done work at 2:30.  I had had some vague thoughts of going earlier by myself but thought better muscles than mine might be a good idea.  My sister Cheryl had expressed an interest in going to the Herkimer College Craft Fair, which was that day.  Since I was hoping my Dad would help us install the things and my nephew Dan might help us get them down the basement stairs, I suggested a family party.  For one reason, my Mom and niece Dana would probably like to go to the Craft Fair, and Dana would have to bring my delightful great nephew Shepherd.  I just can’t get enough of little Sheppie.

It was not until Saturday morning that Cheryl had the excellent idea that Dan accompany me to get the appliance so that it would not be so late by the time we were installing them.  I greatly appreciated that thought, since I had to be at Ilion Little Theatre around six for Lunch Hour (remember that?  I’ve only mentioned it several dozen times).

Driving out to get the washer and drier was an adventure in itself.  My work friend lives way out in the country, near East Winfield.  We took the twisty, hilly Route 51 out of Ilion.  It’s always fun to drive these country roads, and in some places the views are magnificent.  Saturday the views were not seen at their best, because of rain and, oh dear, snow, but we enjoyed what we could see.

After returning with the washer and drier, we had the fun of maneuvering them into the house and down the basement stairs.  I was glad to have the help of several family members, because I am not much help in these situations.  I was helpful enough to make coffee at least.  Then I enjoyed some time with Shepherd while Dad and Steven worked on getting the appliances hooked up.

I wanted to feed my helpers so called Salvatore’s and ordered pizza.  They came through with their usual prompt, polite delivery of delicious food.  Before we enjoyed the pizza, Steven and Dad ran into a couple of problems with the drier.  Steven had to run out and get a new clamp for the hose.

I put in a small load of laundry to test the washer.  When we had previously had a washer (before the flood of 2013), we had a slight problem with overflow when it emptied.  Dad brought his snake and snaked the pipe.  Alas, it was not the miracle we were hoping for.  I felt that mopping the floor was a small price to pay for in-house laundry, but Dad cleverly solved the problem by moving the hose so the washer could empty into the sink instead of the uncooperative pipe.

That problem taken care of, we discovered that the drier plug did not fit our outlet.  Undaunted, I carried the clean laundry upstairs and found places to hang everything.  For sunny days I have a clothesline, but Saturday was not.  Dad drew a diagram of the plug needed and showed Steven how to install it.  We made plans to take care of that little chore on Sunday.

I cannot express how happy I feel to be able to have clean clothes without an expedition to the laundromat.  Sometimes it is almost worth it to go through the stress and pain of not having something in order to savor the joy when you get it back.  I say ALMOST.  In any case, it made a nice little Mohawk Valley adventure to fetch and install our new (to us) washer and drier, especially as some of my favorite family members were involved (not that I play favorites amongst my family — don’t get jealous, other family members who might be reading this) (oh yeah, like my family bothers to read my blog).


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