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Wrist to Closing Night

I knew much earlier today it was going to be Wrist to Forehead Sunday, but I was still unable to actually write the post.  I didn’t feel good.  I’m not exactly feeling better now, but the wine I drank has kind of disguised my ill feelings.  Never mind.  I do not despair of writing something readable.

Today was the last performance of Lunch Hour at Ilion Little Theatre.  It was a truly wonderful show.  The cast was top notch.  How about a few words about the cast?  They were kind of a mixed bag, but a really great mix.

We had two fellows who had done a lot but not recently, a woman who had not done much at all, and a young woman who had done a lot recently but mostly musicals.   I hope I have that right.  It doesn’t matter if I didn’t, because those things don’t really matter to the audience.  All that matters to the audience is that the play is good, and this one was.

Quite frankly, I was at most of the rehearsals and I did not realize any of these people had not been doing lots of shows right along.  They were awesome!  What made this cast good all along the line was their attitude.  They wanted to work hard to put on a good show, and they did.

They learned their lines, they listened to their director, they thought about their characters, they got on stage, and they went for it.  And it worked.

I don’t want to go on at too much length about how wonderful it was, because it is too late for anybody else to see it.  It closed after tonight’s performance.  We had a very enjoyable cast party, involving wine for those of us who were of legal age to enjoy it, which I am.

Did I drink and type, you may ask.  Full disclosure:  yes.  Sue me.  No matter.  I had an authentic Mohawk Valley Adventure and I made a blog post about it.  I am only having a Wrist to Forehead Sunday now because I am worried my blog post is not as good as it should be.  Then again, what ever is?   I hope what I’m typing  now will be good enough.

Lunch Hour was definitely “good enough.”  The audience liked it.  I liked it.  Come see the next show at Ilion Little Theatre.  I bet you’ll like it.


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