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Sorry, Folks

I’ve got the dreaded Type It In And Backspace It Out.  I didn’t want to have a Wuss-out Wednesday on Veteran’s Day!

We went out to a nice dinner at PK’s Pub in Herkimer.  Then I went to the pick-up rehearsal for Lunch Hour at Ilion Little Theatre.  These are two perfectly blogworthy activities.  And here I sit, wanting to go to bed and trying NOT to look at the television.

And feeling like I really ought to backspace out the preceding paragraph.

All day at work I knew it would be a good idea to write a blog post.  My brain just would not seem to do it.  My brain still will not seem to do it.

This is what happens sometimes to people who try to write a daily blog.  We screw it up.  It’s embarrassing.   Humiliating even. We hit Publish anyways, but we don’t feel good about it.

Sorry, folks.


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