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Me and the Purple Potatoes

That should be more alliterative, like Patty and the Purple Potatoes.  That sounds like it would make a good children’s book.  I’m also thinking that Purple Potatoes (I like to capitalize it) doesn’t even sound like a real thing, but it is.  I just ate some.

Since today is Non-Sequitur Thursday, I will just interject that the poor dog across the street is barking mournfully.  I don’t think he likes to be left outside by himself.  If I still had a dog, I would have her here in the living room with me, even if she did keep bothering me for a treat or to pet her or take her for a walk.  Sorry, just a little pang of sadness, because Tabby used to eventually lie down on the floor or love seat and patiently wait till I was ready to pay attention to her.  I’m sure other dog owners understand.

Where was I? Ah yes, purple potatoes.  I purchased them at T & J’s Fruits and Vegetables in Herkimer, NY.  I had gone in primarily for some celery for my lunch.  While there I realized I also needed some tossed salad fixings, cheddar cheese, red bell peppers, and oh yeah, some potatoes.  We don’t buy potatoes all the time these days and lately I’ve been craving some.

Potatoes sometimes get a bad nutritional rap, but that’s only because carbohydrates has become such a dirty word that nobody can even say all the syllables any more (and don’t get me started on that!).  Well, really, you don’t have to deep fry them or eat them by the heaping mound.  I’m sure they are perfectly good for you in moderation.  So I started to grab some salt potatoes (oh, just be quiet, whichever of you was going to get onto me about salt; I don’t use the whole packet!).

“We have purple potatoes now,” a lady said.  I think she was one of the owners, but I foolishly did not ask.

She explained that purple potatoes are better for you than the regular kind.  They don’t raise your cholesterol.  That shows how much I pay attention.  I didn’t know potatoes were bad for cholesterol.  I thought that was bacon.

“You cook them the same as the regular kind?” I asked.   Yes, I was told.  They are just like the regular kind only purple all the way through.  So I bought them.  I baked them in a kind of a casserole with the red pepper, some onion, cheese, sour cream… oh a bunch of stuff.  It was YUMMY!

I ate some of the leftovers before making this post.  As you can see, it gave me enough energy to make a post that is NOT me whining about how I’m too tired and busy to write a blog post.  Tune in again on Lame Post Friday when Mohawk Valley Girl says,  “EEEE!  It’s Opening Night for Lunch Hour at Ilion Little Theatre!!!”

PS.  The dog stopped barking.  Maybe his people let him in the house.



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  1. Potatoes don’t raise cholesterol just the things you put in mashed potatoes lol

  2. Hmmm, now you’ve got me wondering. I once stuffed some mini mixed potatoes, including purple. The only other time I’ve seen them was several years ago when I was living in New Orleans. My Mom came across some (full sized), and I think she was going to mash them. She put them in a pot of water, turned her back for just a few minutes, and when she looked back in the pot, they had disintegrated, never mind being fork tender! So that begs the question of whether they are more light/fluffy than regular potatoes, wouldn’t they make for interesting gnocchi??? Mmmmmm And I still don’t get the whole salt potato thing – they’re supposed to be crispier on the outside and fluffy/creamy on the inside. To me, they’re just super salty boiled potatoes.

    • The ones we had were small. I baked the casserole for quite a while but they never got crumbly, mushy as potatoes sometimes do. Regarding salt potatoes, you can NOT use all the salt they give you or they will definitely be too salty. Also, I don’t think they they’re supposed to be crispy. Mine never are; the skins are soft, not tough like a regular potato. I love them, but to each his own, as the old lady said when she kissed the cow.

      • If you Google salt potatoes, according to the wiki page anyhow, the salt forms a crust around the potatoes (that’s where I picked up crispy somehow), preventing them from getting waterlogged like other potatoes. I couldn’t remember what I had done with the mini purple potatoes and had to look it up. I hollowed them out and baked them with a spinach/artichoke filling. I haven’t gotten around to making my own gnocchi yet, but I’ll definitely have to remember to try it with these. 🙂

      • I only know salt potatoes from having them at cook-outs all summer growing up in Central New York. When we realized you can get them all year round, we started to. When I was in the army I discovered you cannot get them just anywhere. How deprived those other states are! You may your own gnocchi? I’m impressed!

      • It is funny when you realize how local some things are. I had never heard of them until I moved here (New Hartford). The funniest for me was when I was living in New Orleans and would take trips back “home” to Massachusetts – people would have me bring back Fluff for them. I hadn’t realized that was an east coast thing until it was pointed out to me. They only have the Marshmallow Creme. I honestly didn’t believe that when someone first asked me to bring them some, but sure enough …

      • I never knew that about Fluff! I get that sometimes to put in hot chocolate, or mix it with cream cheese to dip apple slices in. Yum!

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