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And It’s Two Days Till Lame Post Friday!

Oh crap, it isn’t Non-Sequitur Thursday, it’s only Wuss-out Wednesday!

And here is the difference between being a stage manager and being an actor.  A stage manager says, “Oh crap, this week is taking forever.  Why can’t we open already?”  An actor says, “Oh crap, this week is flying by!  I’m not ready to open!”  Actually, just to inject my Manhattan-sized ego into this, I rarely said I wasn’t ready to open.  But I have harbored doubts about fellow cast members on occasion.

I guess this is going to be a wuss-out post about Lunch Hour at Ilion Little Theatre before I have to go to rehearsal soon.  Tonight is first dress rehearsal.  I have to sit backstage and, well, not do much of anything, as it turns out.  I have a couple of lights to take care of during intermission.  Performance nights I will be available to fetch and carry for the actors (I am quite happy to do this, as others have fetched and carried for me).  Other than that, I hope to get a little crocheting done.

Unfortunately, after opening night, I must cope with a kind of a major disaster I just found out about yesterday.  Our director cannot go out for drinks after the show.  What’s that all about?  Oh well, I suppose we’ll muddle through somehow.

So sorry for anther crappy post.  I’ll see if I can do better tomorrow.



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  1. Break a leg and enjoy the theater experience. Hope you get out for a celebration drink or two. 🙂


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