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Oh Yeah, I Have to Vote, Too!

I knew early on today that is was Bad Attituesday.  I’ve had worse attitudes.  I think.  But have I written worse blog posts than this one is turning out to be?  I’m no judge.  Come to think of it, don’t you judge me either! (You know who you are.)

Yes, it is All Lunch Hour All The Time.  Opening night is Friday at Ilion Little Theatre.  I think it’s going to be a really good show.  The set looks wonderful.  If you’re curious you can probably see some photos on Ilion Little Theatre Club’s Facebook page.  Or you can come see the show.

So, as you may guess, I do not have a lot of time to compose a blog post.  I wrote other things during breaks at work.  Oh, OK, I also talked to my husband on the phone during lunch.  I’m not apologizing for that; husbands are important.  After work I was typing in my articles for Mohawk Valley Living magazine.  I need to work on them more, and deadline is fast approaching.

And I just remembered, I’m supposed to bring something to rehearsal.  If only I could remember what it was, that would probably improve my attitude considerably.

I hope to see you again on Wuss-out Wednesday.



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  1. But nothing is more cheesy that Cheetos. Not that this had anything to do with your post.


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