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A Mystical Stop

The most unusual stop on our day of adventures a few Saturdays ago (remember that?) was at The Mystical Dragonfly in Richfield Springs, NY.  For anyone just tuning in, I recently had a lovely day with my sister Cheryl and our friend Penny, exploring various sites.  I’ve gotten several blog posts out of it.

According to the website, The Mystical Dragonfly offers Alternative Health Therapies and Mystical Gifts.  We enjoyed wandering around looking at  jewelry, sculptures and spiritual things.  I saw Tarot cards as well as book about how to read them.  I admired some shirts, tops, pants and even a couple of Halloween costumes.

I was especially taken with some tiny pendants carved out of stone, falling in love with a little green dinosaur.  I couldn’t quite make up my mind, but Penny said I had to have it,  so I bought it.

I also purchased some stones that are said to have healing qualities.  There is a table with bowls of stones, each with a card telling the specific properties of that stone. You are supposed to carry the stones around with you to take advantage of their healing properties.  I don’t know much about this kind of therapy, but at least the stones are pretty.   I got a little bag and chose a few I thought might do me good.  Unfortunately, I have neglected to begin carrying them around with me, so I am still unable to offer an opinion as to their efficacy.

When we paid for our stones (Cheryl and Penny got some too), we got a card for each stone, reminding us of their qualities.  I think Steven put the cards and stones somewhere when he cleaned for our Halloweddinganniversaweenary party.   As soon as I locate them, I will begin carrying the stones and make a full report.

The Mystic Dragonfly also offers many psychic and holistic health services.  For more information, you can visit their website at




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