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NOT Tired of Steven

I thought that would be a good title since this is Tired Tuesday.  It is my 25th wedding anniversary today.  As usual, Steven got me a lovely gift and made a sweet, touching Facebook post about our marriage.  As usual, I do not have my act together, even as far as writing a blog post for today.

I had rather thought that as an interim present, I could write a whole blog post about Steven, praising all his good qualities and stuff.  Or I could write him a poem.  Or a song.  OK, I can’t really write a song.  However, I came up with some new lyrics to a song Steven likes, and I will share them with you for today’s blog post.

The following is sung to the tune of  “Spooky.”


In the cool of the ev’ning, when everything is gettin’ kind of groovy,

I ask you if you’d like to sit with me and watch some TV or a movie.

First you say “No, that doesn’t sound like much fun,”

And then you smile

And say

“Which one?”

Love is kind of crazy with a Stevie little Q like you.

You always keep me laughin’ when you’re makin’ funny jokes or silly faces.

And I like to go with you and visit all our favorite Mohawk Valley places.

First we go out, and then I eat like a hog

And then you help

Me write

My blog.

Love is kind of crazy with a Stevie little Q like you.  Stevie!

(musical interlude)

We have a date and then I’m always really happy, I’m just sayin’

And while others fool around, I just know that you will never be a-playin’

I’ll stay with you for the rest of my life

Because I’m proud

To be

Your wife.

Love is kind of crazy with a Stevie little Q like you! Stevie!


OK, I guess it’s kind of a silly song.  But then, this is kind of a silly blog.  Happy anniversary, Steven!


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  1. I Love it ! You two are great !

  2. That is so cute! Happy anniversary to you both! :*

  3. Happy 25th anniversary, Cynthia and Steven! That’s quite a milestone. 🙂 Cynthia, I think your song is a fantastic gift. I bet Steven did, too.

  4. I think it is AWESOME!!!! GREAT JOB!!!


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