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Lame Running Commentary

Oh, swell.  I’ve got the dreaded type it in then backspace it out.  How many posts have I started with that observation?  I am far too lazy to go back and check.  But I was not too lazy to go running, so I will attempt to write a paragraph or two about that.

To begin with I was not going to run.  Did I mention I’m feeling lazy?  One problem was I had a headache for most of the day.  It was not a migraine, so I had that going for me.   The headache eased off by the time I got home, but I had just about talked myself out of running for the day.  What to do instead?  Take a shower?  Clean the house?  Fool around on Facebook?  I decided to call my parents.  They told me to go running.  So I did.

I could not move very fast.  In my defense, I worked a ten hour day today, which I have not done in a while.  Oh well, I guess I did do two last week.  But other than that, it’s been nine-hour days.  On the brighter side, I did not have to worry about going to rehearsal tonight.  So you see, the glass usually is half full.

Then I felt a twinge.  It felt as if I had pulled a muscle in the top of my foot.  For heavens’ sake, who pulls a muscle in the top of their foot?  How ridiculous!  I kept running, ignoring it as best as I could.  I tried to run smoothly, so as not to be pounding my great weight onto my foot.

I may have mentioned that I developed my smooth stride in the army.  An army friend told me I looked like I was speed walking when I ran.  She had knee problems so tried to imitate my run.  She said, “I tell myself,  ‘Do the Quackenbush!  Do the Quackenbush!'”  So today I thought to myself, “Do the Quackenbush!”

After a while my foot felt better.  Then I got a stitch in my side.  This is what it is like to be me.

No matter.  I kept running.  At least I could enjoy looking at the fall colors and admiring people’s Halloween decorations.  The temperature was very good for running: cool enough that I wasn’t sweaty, not so cold my hands got stiff (remember: glass half full).   I’ve had worse runs.

I ran for as long as I ran last time (Wednesday), which was 22 minutes.  I only walked a six-minute cool-down, because the ice cream truck seemed to be stalking me.  I hate that ice cream truck.

I was glad that I ran.  I’m even more glad that now I’ve made my blog post.  Did you find it a little lame?  May I remind you that this is Lame Post Friday?   I hope to see you again as the weekend progresses.



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  1. Well done for getting out there after such a long day!
    That ice cream truck does sound scary … would make a good horror film though. 😉
    I hope you’re having a good weekend and relaxing after your busy week. 🙂

    • Thanks! Alas, no rest for the wicked; I worked this morning and must clean my house this afternoon. I’m so glad I ran, though, because now I won’t feel guilty if I don’t get to it today. Hmm… a horror story involving an ice cream truck. Now I’m thinking…


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